Saturday, December 27, 2003

Cerebral Cobwebs

I know I put it somewhere,
somewhere I’d recall.
I just really can’t remember
where somewhere is at all.

I was gonna tell you something,
just the other day.
It slipped my mind
and bugs me;
that’s all that I can say.

It seems my mind gets weary.
I often times forget.
What’s going on inside my head,
no room for thoughts to fit?

Is it like a big hard drive
with limits to the bytes?
How much memory have I left?
Do these questions to you seem trite?

Has my mind become fragmented…
Is my memory obsolete?
Are there cobwebs in this mind of mine?
What was I thinking?

[Poem I wrote some time back that was published in the new Poetry Section of the Independence Examiner today - 12-27-03]
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