Monday, October 11, 2004

Breaking Silence

Ah, I have been a quiet one over the weekend. At least on blogland.

Hosted the Northland Writers group at our home one Sunday, so I was mostly busy getting ready for that ( an a thank you to my family for the help) and I am happy to say it went well.

The only disappointment was that I was up and down quite a bit and as a result didn't get to hear everyone or at least all that they wrote.

My cousin Jon and my wife's step-mother joined us. They have been doing some writing. Jon poetry and Janet is taking a creative writing class. I hope we didn't scare them... Too much!

Scot entertained them with a couple of his "God series" poems. Theology will never be the same.

Chris shared something he created from Pat's workshop... taking liberties with her instructions and moving a bit further into the realm of creativity. It was interesting because it was a short piece and Chris is such a prolific writer... (he is just beginning to learn that you can do something complete in less than 75,000 words. Ok, I am stretching it a bit, but he is an excellent writer and he can get into some marathon writing stretches.

Sheila didn't read. She is still weeping from her Germany piece. She killed the baby and didn't see it coming. Emotional writing but wow!!! I truly expect her to do something with this piece. It needs to be published.

I missed most of Ann and Don's readings - heavy sigh. Jon and Janet were bold enough to read in front of us. Some first timers aren't... Jon did two poems... and Janet did a couple pieces which were along the lines of journal entries or life memories. I think she really could do a lot with them.

Missi arrived late as usual. (smile) She was, however not the latest. She beat Don! Missi brought some children's poetry that she had been working on. I think this may be a real strong genre for her. I've heard other things she did in the past that were inspired by her four year old son. She also cracked me up with a poem that was a take off on a Toy advertisement. Sometimes she can write stuff that reminds me so of Billy Collins.

I did just two readings.... Poems I have posted here this past week.
Next week we are back at the college for more formal writers workshop. Work without the food and social amenities.
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