Wednesday, December 15, 2004

All Punked Up and Had To Write

Back from Park U reading. Just a little bit more than keyed up. I didn't say manic...

They latest copy of their Lit publication was out with one of my poems in it. Very nice publication I might add.

The reading tonight was only about fifteen people but some very nice material. Several Northland writing group members present. Scot, Sheila, Chris, Terry, Pat, Missi and myself. Did I miss anyone?

I read seven pieces - most of which were smaller. Two brand new.

I got my Poets & Writers mag in the mail today. Looks like a really good issue. Rediscovering John Gardner looks good. A piece on "Chick-Lit." The feature article on John Haskell and I don't know what it is... but Richard Wilbur seems to be everywhere these past few weeks and there is a piece on him. I am also interested to read yet another piece on the Patriot Act and it's impact on writing. I have skimmed this one already and am anxious to sink my teeth into it.

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