Friday, June 02, 2006

Poets without boarders?

"I never thought of myself as a New York poet or as an American poet."~ Kenneth Koch
This sort of remind me of Doctors Without Boarders. I'm not sure that Koch is suggesting anything other than the fact that he never saw himself in any more specific role then that of just "a" poet. Still, I think there is something exhilarating about poets being able to transcend artificial boundaries of geo-political & cultural nature.
  • Canadian Sylvia Legris and Barbadian-born Kamau Brathwaite were the toast of Toronto on Thursday night after being named winners of the Griffin Poetry Prize. [here]
  • Queensland has been home to some of Australia's finest poets [here]
  • One of the most unusual galleries in New Harmony, Ind., will celebrate five years of exhibitions with art, music and poetry. [here]
  • ‘New’ national writers workshop raises the bar [here]
  • North-Voorhees High School (New Jersey) student editor resign over censorship, nearly all of staff walks too. School. David Steffan, principal said that many of the magazine's poems and photographs failed to meet "community standards." [here] Oh boy, we have another gifted person who is capable of defining community standards for those of us not in the know. Thank you Mr. Steffan for your "gift" of censorship. (did I sound sarcastic enough?)


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