Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day to All

I got an early start on Valentines day by taking my wife to the Melting Pot on Thursday evening. She hates to fight the crowds so we beat them.

It was a lovely dinner and I especially enjoyed the Traditional Fondue.  Swiss is among my favorite cheese.

Of course the dessert we had the Yen and Yang Fondue which was a blend of dark chocolate and white chocolate for dipping the various dessert and fruit items. While this was very good, it was quite rich and really a bit much. I enjoyed the dinner fondue the most.

The atmosphere was low lighting and we were seated nicely with a minimum of distraction. I'd do it again anytime!

Oh, as if we were chocolate deprived, last night on the way home from work  Cathy stopped at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for gourmet Chocolate Apples. Mine was Tigers Butter... yum!

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