Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Double Darn

Darn!  Had I realized it earlier, I would have joined the President, Michelle and Darth Vader for a poetry reading at the White House.

Another discouraging  bit of news...  Republican Senator Tom Coburn  of Oklahoma tacked an amendment on to a credit card reform bill that would allow visitors to National Parks to carry guns. It is so lame to slip shit like this into law by attaching it to legislation that is not remotely connected to the topic. And of course, the measure passed 67 to 29 vote.  A lot of Democrats folding to the gun lobby. No backbones!   27 Democrats joined 39 Republicans voted for it and another 27 were joined by one Republican and voted to against it. Of course it may or may not survive a House Senate conference, but the fact remains there were a lot of Senators running with their tail between their legs.

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