Sunday, July 25, 2010


We don't often venture out to the theater for new releases, we will wait for them to come back to the cheapo-movie house or rent them in dvd or just wait till they are on TV.  We cast that all to the wind and went to see Inception.

I'm not going to hash over the plot or anything in case you are planning to see it.  I will say this, it's intense. It is a "stay alert" type movie and it challenges you in that regard. I'm a huge Ellen Page fan every since Juno which we did as I recall also see quite early in the release.

I'll just close this topic by saying there was some of what I expected in the movie but plenty that I didn't.  My wife likened it in a way to the movie A Beautiful Mind of many moons ago. I can see why she says that, but still it's really kind of not like anything you've ever seen.


Yes, I know it's summer but Autumn Sky Poetry NO 18 is in full bloom! 

I especially liked Oblique by Melissa Butler  and The Letter by Lew Watts.


I used to love those little alphabet noodles when I was a kid. I haven't seen them in years. I found them in a store this weekend. They are just as good as I remember them.


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