Saturday, July 09, 2011

Journal Bits

I'm overdue for my Journal bits post, so here goes...

  • June 23 - "you asked how I felt/about the aggregate-/I tell you that is quite a sum/a lot of cookies/I feel overwhelmed"
  • June 25 - "clouds speak endlessly in a limited vocabulary"
  • June 28 -"I'm stuck at 22 likes on my Facebook writers page - three away from what I need."
  • June 29 -"it's my desire to scream right now..."
  • July 1 - "I would like to have gone to First Friday at the Crossroads but the heat is oppressive."
  • July 3 - "It is the summer of discontent/thick with verbiage that subsides/rolling back in white foam/a quiet lace that always predicts /another round of roaring waves."
  • July 6 - "...I have last weeks register receipts/for no particular reason..."
  • July 8 - "Lunch with an untruth/gimme a stiff drink/should have ordered takeout..."
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