Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Confession Tuesday

Since I was off yesterday for MLK day today dosen't seem like Tuesday but I know it to be so because I made a lot of note on my planner page for today. An since it's Tuesday I must head to the confessional and you're welcome to come along.

Dear Friends:

It's been countless Diet Cokes, one Chiropractic adjustment, one Scrabble victory over my wife, one $2 movie and a week since my last confession.

This week it seems like my wife and I have had more time together than normal. This has been really nice. We played Scrabble one night, went to the movies and of course watched some of the normal TV that we often do. But Cathy has also had time do work on her beading. Something that she has not had time to do for quite some time. I confess that I've enjoyed writing and working on various things and being able to look up and there she is beading. She finds it so relaxing and I love it when she is able to utilize her creativity, I love it when anyone does.. but especially knowing someone else in the family is into an art form.

While my birthday was last Tuesday - it's been kind of strung out. Tomorrow our office is going out to lunch for my birthday. One night after work I got to go spend some money on books that I wanted. On Sunday I had a piece of German Chocolate cake... one of my favorites. Tonight I had a card in the mail from an aunt. I confess this has seemed like a birthweek. Isn't that a cool idea? Celebrating someone's birthweek?

My youngest daughterhas been in Arizona between 3 and 4 years. She received a jury duty summons in the mail today. I confess that I have tried my best that she must come back to serve or explain what she should be excused. She laughed but isn't buying it. Not that she would not want to...I think she is so ready to move - somewhere if not here. I confess I'm praying daily for here.

I confess that I finally got some work submitted over the weekend. More planned for this week. It's cool, I'm not stressing. At least not about about submissions anyway.

I confess my Klout score went up 2.96 points in the past 7 days. I confess not long ago I had no idea what Klout was and yet I had some.

Do you know what your Klout score is? Do you know what Klout is about?

Until next week... stay safe!
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