Saturday, August 17, 2013

Submission Saturday Check-in

I have my Diet Coke (DC constitutes a food group) in for the morning but haven't thought beyond that for breakfast. It's Submission Saturday, something I generally devote my afternoon to. Once and a while I got a jump on it and get my submissions done before noon.  We'll see how this all happens later.

Of notable interest this week -

  • I discovered a poet that strikes me as too good to keep secret.  So if you have not heard of Melissa Broder check out a few of her poems here. If you peel back her humor there is something genuinely serious about her. If you scrape the edges of her serious side she is deathly funny.
  • Something really awesome happened related to one of my poems but I'm not telling just yet.
  • Mail man brought my copy of Victoria Chang's The Boss yesterday. Poetry in the mail box gives me a real high. I'll have more on this book in a few days.
  • Two new drafts this week that I have to work on refining.
  • Number of Submissions past 12 months - 79. Still pending 29.
  • Tuesday night met with some other poet friends.
  • Watched way too many episodes on 24. I'll probably do it again this next week.

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