Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Confession Tuesday - Saints Edition

Dear Reader:  It's been two new saints, yet another 7 daily poems, another drop into the cooler regions of the thermometer and a week since my last confession.

It's been rainy the last few days here and tonight it's not only yucky wet but cold as well. I've heard our temperatures are anticipated to drop somewhere between 37 and 41 for the low tonight.  I confess that is not the picture I envision goes with the green that is popping up all over and the Tulips and Iris buds, etc.

If this cooler then normal weather is not bad enough, the crop of deadly twisters cropping up in  Iowa, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia is leaving  real paths of  destruction through the Midwest and southern  states.Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma I expect this in because I've always considered this tornado alley. Georgia and Alabama have had some really  bad ones the last couple of years but I don't  recall in the past that such weather was as prevalent there. Perhaps I've just never noticed it, but my thoughts and prayers the last two nights have been with those I know that live in those two states.

Poem-A-Day is coming to an end.  I confess I'm glad in a way.  I generally write daily so that aspect is not a big deal... but I've been going to one source for prompts and sometimes I just get a little rebellious about prompts. I'm not a happy with the stuff I've written this month as compared to past years. I'm hopeful that May will bloom with  lots of really  good work!

With the canonization of  two Popes as Saints  this past Sunday ( Pope John XXIII and John Paul II )  it suddenly reminded me that  some years back on of my daughters gave a a St. David medal  - the patron saint of writers and poets. Funny that this just cropped back up in my mind.  David is also the patron saint of Wales. Given the number of Welch poets I suppose this should not be a surprising  coincidence. I confess that I'm always interested in patron saints. I suppose it's because I like a good story and they are always at the heart of a good one.

Till next week - Stay safe and joyful!
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