Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Confession Tuesday - Tax Edition

It's Tuesday and time for me to head to the confessional, there are several things on my mind today.

Dear Reader:

It's been two weeks since my past confession. Two very busy weeks at work and a battle to maintain sanity. Sometimes I think sanity is over rated.  But let me get started with  what I'm carrying on my chest.

We are short handed at work. A coworker is out on medical leave and we've had to all chip in and absorb varying tasks that  have to go on.  We've been doing a good job but it is taxing and sometimes when I arrive home I haven't a lot of interest in anything but crashing. Some nights I succumbed to just crashing  and doing TV.  Still, I've rallied to take care of things on my writing to-do list but I'd feel better if I didn't have nights where I'm one extreme or the other...  crash and burnt or wound up tight like a top spinning to catch up on everything.  I confess I could do better with how I handle this time after regular work hours.

In fact the past couple of weeks I've stopped working out on the tread mill. I confess that I know I need to keep this up to: 1. help control my blood sugar  numbers  2. maintain weight control  3. cardio-vascular exercise   4. boost my overall energy level.  So with all those benefits you'd think I'd be on it, right?   And I started Sunday assessing of sorts what  I need to be doing for my Creative Health. My resolve is to get up early in the morning and hit the tread mill before I head to the office. That's a responsible approach to take.

I confess that  I filed my taxes today... the last day. I've been so good about filing the early lately that this is an aberration.  I actually did them Sunday and just reviewed them again tonight, no changes needed and then e-filed them.  I'm not especially proud of myself for doing them at the last minute but I am proud of my wife for never once bugging me about them. Evidently she trusted that I'd get them taken care of.

This week I began rethinking a manuscript that I was in wrap up stage on. I confess this is I think a good thing  because I need to rethink a couple of things and there are two or maybe three poems that need to come out.  I confess this is hard because at least one of them is a very good poem but it is not fitting into the thread I'm trying to weave between the poems.  I confess I realize this is the prudent approach even if  I want it to be otherwise. I'm learning that  the heart and the head both have roles in this process.

I've kept up with the poem-a-day challenge. I confess that  I'm even surprising myself that I have not fallen off the wagon yet and we are halfway though.

As we are in the final week of Lent I confess that it  has been an objective of mine to try my best to practice tolerance daily. Overall, I'm happy that  I've done well at meeting  this challenge and I'm happy that I've made it a part of my  Lenten practice.

That's about it for tonight. Wishing everyone a great week ahead.
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