Sunday, September 07, 2003

Sunday Satire... sort of

Only in America

Yes, that world famous Jim Behrle, poet, humorist, blogger extraordinar has sold his first Thong. Walt Whitman would be green with envy.

Michaela Cooper give us the sad news of the demise of someone whom we've come to look at as an American icon.

[Note: the above link is in no way to shamelessly acknowledge the plug she gave to Stick Poet. We have standards... they're here somewhere.]

Actually Michaela Cooper's blog, Mikarrhea remindes me of a popular insturmental song from my high school days... it's a Classical Gas.

On a more serious note, I see we've had no takers yet on my challenge to share the names of your two (if you could only have two) literary review magazines per year. Somehow, I'm at least expecting a response from Jim Behrle. (who undoubtedly is unaware I posed the question) I'll take a guess that at least one of them would be Mad Magazine.

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