Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Confession Tuesday on Wednesday - Bad Habit Edition

This is getting to be embarrassing. It's been one week since my last confession (which was a day late) and here I am again.

Forgive me readers:

Yes it's been a week but I could swear it should be longer so I have even less excuse. I confess I firmly believe it should be Friday. When you think about it that is pretty pathetic since I had a Monday holiday. That on top of a week's vacation!

Travel is tiring to me so the vacation was a bit draining. I confess I love flying but  everything else with travel, time zone changes, the hurry here and hurry there, these things try my patience.

I confess that I am ready to send out some new material this weekend when I do Submission Saturday.It always excites me when I have new material to send out. Still, I can't help it, I worry that I should have tinkered with it longer as soon as it drops into the mailbox or I hit the send button.

I confess I still have dirty clothes from the trip and I need to do laundry tonight.

I confess that I need to get up and let the dogs out as they are looking at me in a most perturbed manor.

Until next week - may all your habits be good ones!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Journal Bits - May

A sampling for me journal this month...

May 2nd - This morning traffic snarled but couldn't keep me away. I arrived in time to resent being here, to resist the start of the day without success.

May 6th - The weekend was uniquely positive in terms of writing...  Three poems accepted for publication within 48 hours is so exciting and unfortunately sets a new bar that I'm sure I will not often reach again - but there is hope like the stars, I can look from the distance and dream.

May 7th - If the sun sets today on my life/I will not disappoint the cartographer/for my journey will be one that is not/subterranean but rallies around/dancing light and open byways.

May 9th - two books in the mail today from Martha Silano - her own The Little Office Of The Immaculate Conception and Radial Symmetry by Katherine Larson. Woot!

May 10th - I tend to isolate things like bird songs/or the lessor popped kernels of corn./Or things my wife says with special emphasis/on the details detached from major points.

May 12th - yesterday I thought a workshop to eight writers... then in the evening I sent out three poems.

Time has been unfriendly to me and I left my sanity in the midst of a new operating system on a computer that is pounding the blood vessels against a phantom anvil inside my head.

May 22nd - In Tempe, AZ for Meghan's wedding - It's been a lazy sort of day... I've finished a poem draft today and got some reading done. Trying to be open to another poem coming to me....

May 23rd  - The bubble wrap is gone/the thing now is just/boxed delight - fragile.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Confession Tuesday - Late

Dear Reader:

It's been a grueling week and a day since my last confession.

I confess the obvious.... I'm a day late.

I'm on vacation - day three now but it hardly seems like it.  I confess that I traveled 1,354 miles more or less to arrive at my destination (Phoenix) yesterday and I am wiped out. I feel as if I could have flapped my arms to get here rather than by jet. Some of that is because my last week at the office was an intense one trying the leave less on the burner for others to deal with and make my return less stressful as well. I confess the latter never seems to work.

The flight on Southwest wasn't too bad. Only a little turbulence in the early going and I expected it given the turbulent weather in the Midwest these past few days. I haven't flown in a while and I generally enjoy it. When I fly I confess I'm a window hog.

I took a brief swim this morning and it did loosen up the stiff mussels. I confess I really am going to need a nap today. I do have some quiet time available for writing and I intend to make use of it.

We are here for my daughter's wedding and I confess that that I am both excited and anxious about it. I'm very happy for her and I want her wedding day to come off perfect. I confess I'm not sure what that would look like, but I have ideas about what it might not look like. I realized they rarely are picture perfect but  I want her memories of it the be good ones. Happy ones. Lots of friends and good time.

I confess I love the scenery in Arizona but hate the heat. How people live here I cannot imagine.

I confess I had diet coke withdrawal earlier but I'm halfway through a 44 oz and doing better now.

My prayers have continued to flow for the people in Moore, Oklahoma. I can only imagine how hard it must be for those homeless there now not to mention families that have lost loved ones.

This morning my cell rang and it was our disposal company with a message that trash pickup next week would be pushed back a day due to the memorial day holiday. Even during vacation, life goes on.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Submission Saturday Starts in 30 Minutes

I've got to shift some files from one laptop to the other or work from my old laptop to do submission Saturday today. Yes, that  ads a layer of work moving stuff, and maybe I'll just use the today to complete this weeks submissions. Still, I do need to get some stuff moved.

It sucks when you have work out that is waiting someplace you'd like to see if  find a home and don't want it to submit it any place else till you here back.  I do a lot of simultaneous submissions but there are pieces that I really want to control more where they might end up. Getting picky I guess.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Confession Tuesday - Busy Week Edition

Dear Reader-

It's been two weeks, three poems accepted, one new laptop and a poetry workshop since my last confession.

I confess that I have this mysterious pain that comes and goes just below my  right waste-line. It's been doing this off and on for a while now and I've gone to the doctor they can offer no explanation so far. Labs are fine, no bladder infection, x-rays show nothing extraordinary. Sometimes I'll go a while with nothing and then the pain can be bad enough to keep me awake parts of the night. It's good to know some of the things that have been ruled out but it remains frustrating just the same.writers

Saturday morning when the sky was bright with invitation I was conducting a poetry writing seminar with 8 writers who could be out soaking up the sun rays but were instead sitting around tables doing writing prompts for three hours. I confess that I was appreciative to have such an attentive group to work with.

My new laptop is an ASUS & it has windows 8 operating system on it. I have been a Tashiba user for  a long time. I did not pick this one out. My wife and computer savvy daughter did. Windows 8 dealt me a fit the first two days. It's still not my favorite platform but I am getting the hang of it.

It's been a pretty good week... And I've had three new poetry books delivered by the postman since the weekend you can't get much better then that.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Poem Up On Punchnel's

My poem titles "Both" appears on Punchnel's today. This is a really interesting venue, an eclectic collection of material. Check it out!  Oh, and click here for my poem.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Feel Good Delivered By E-Mail

It's been an exceptionally good weekend for me with two different venues accepting a total of three poems. I think from now on I'd like my acceptances in bunches please.

I know we can't always have what we want but  it really feels good to get several poems accepted over two days as opposed to several rejection letters over two days.

This is just another example of my Submission Saturday venture paying dividends.

Worked on some re-writes today. I'm trying to put together about three more pieces that need some fine tuning so that they can be ready  for prime time too.