Saturday, December 31, 2022

Great P & W Issues Is Out

 For untold years I have looked to Poets and Writers Magazine as a central source of poetry/writing-related craft information. 

The most recent has an excellent section on inspiration with lots of great suggestions. It also has the annual debut poets' article that examines some of this year's breakout poets with new books. 

I recommend P&W in general, but this issue is great. 

Sunday, December 25, 2022

December 25th - Universal Thoughts

We can look upward and see space, such as it is. Seemingly endless. Certainly, it continues beyond our naked eye, or even so, the distance from which man has been able to extend his current technological and scientific exploration beyond. 

The vastness can boggle our minds as we consider the magnitude of what is unknown to man. People will sometimes say, "How do you know there is a God?" I say look at that vastness and tell me there is not. Tell me this whole universe is some accident. 

The thing about writers is, we tend to be observant and we are all curious people. Which either is a result of our observations or vice-versa. You cannot be a writer and not ask questions. Even if only within our own heads, we are constantly contemplating different slants or views of things. 

I realize there are some famous writers that deny the existence of God beyond a man-made creation, But if so, how did man create God before our own existence? Explain our mere existence outside of the realm of God's creation. 

I did not intend this to be a great debate about the existence of God, but an observation that to me supports that we live in a marvelously wonderful universe, notwithstanding the significant level of abuse man has manifested upon our own planet.

No matter who you raise your voice in prayer to, take a moment (or more) to praise this masterpiece that God has created us and then made us a part of.  Pray that we may be better stewards of our planet. 

Peace to all~




Saturday, December 24, 2022

Peace - Hope - Love


This season, no matter who you call God

lift up your thoughts and prayers for 

Peace for Love and for Hope. 

We have the ability given us, from on high 

to reach out to others and be the voice of 

the silenced. To offer hope to those in need.

Our commandment to love above all else

is central to the relationship of spirituality

between God and the people of all nations. 

May we war no more. May violence have no 

hold on us. May we understand the meaning 

of being brothers and sisters in this world.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022