Friday, January 30, 2004

Top Five

Sorry Folks... It's been a long day. I'm not up to the task tonight. I'll post this weekend. Thanks for all your patience.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Tuesday Tid-Bits

Thanks to Jilly for her link to this Annie Sexton piece.

This is how you rewrite history: White House emissaries head abroad to recast war

Carl Sandburg Remembered (note - the writer and I are not one-in-the-same or related)

Katey have some cool fin links lister. Check them out.

Monday, January 26, 2004


You say... I think:

  1. Political:: Party
  2. Concentration:: Camp
  3. Fish:: Blue Gill
  4. Lunacy:: Mind
  5. Red:: Blood
  6. Imply:: Accuse
  7. Recognize:: See
  8. Sexist:: Pig
  9. Commercial:: Shop
  10. Stricken:: Sea

Always fun to do these and see what others responses are.

squawking hawq

one good bumblebee

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Top Five Explanation

James is frustrated... "But I'm also a tad frustrated, because I don't know what I did this week that made the space better than it was last week."

Let me shed a little light on my selection process.

First, I read a good number of blogs each week. Many are not poetry related. There are some great ones, but they have to touch on the core subject of poetry and poetics to be able to count in my Top Five list.

Next, I like to see some poetry itself. It isn't a mandate, but poetry or poetic discussions put forward by the bloggers themselves are helpful at gaining my attention.

I would like to see balance. If I wanted to focus on a strictly serious academic blog of poetics, Ron Silliman (hypothetically of course) would win each week. I like a balance of humor, other items the blogger has found interesting and linked to, quotations that expand the mind and to a lesser degree, the aesthetic appearance of the blog. The latter I usually only go to if I am having to decide between two blogs that are otherwise scoring a tie with me for that week.

As for James, or anyone else that feels like the won one week with a weaker (or about the same) blog that say they had the previous week... they must understand that some weeks the overall competition is tougher than others.

Yes, James the weekly top five is labor intensive on my part. I have a number of projects that I am working on besides my own poetry. The major one being a book about the San Francisco Giants home for forty years, Candlestick Park. I am reaching a point where this project (to stay on deadline) may cause me to rethink the Weekly Top-Five List.
Posting the results are not the biggest time consumption part of the process. Reading and notating or scoring the blogs themselves is the biggest consumption of time involved. I do feel I benefit from the exposure to the blogs so it is a positive experience. It is also in this context that I feel the Top-Five List provides others who have worked hard on their posts with some acknowledgement and kudos.

My site meter suggests that each week we have new readers. If I can point a few people to other interesting blogs that they may not have seen before, then everyone involved gains.

I hope this gives some clarity to my process of selection.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Stick Poet Top Five Blog List for the Week

It's that time again. These are the five most impressive poetry blogs I've read this week.

No. 5 Craig Hill's Poetry Scorecard (repeating at No. 5 from last week)

No. 4 The Chatelaine's Poetics (repeating at No. 4 from last week)

No. 3 Love During Wartime (previous winner back on the list again)

No. 2 One Good Bumblebee / previously known as Chewing On Pencils (No. 1 on the list for five weeks in a row)

No. 1 Poetry Hut Blog (moving up from No. 2 last week)

Congratulation to all... I enjoyed this weeks reads.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Beyond Decent Poets

Katey(One Good Bumblebee / formerly Chewing on Pencils) reports on her disagreement with a fellow poet in AIM over the significance of the meaning of a poem. The argument is not a new one but I have to say that I believe the real issue is not the importance of the meaning but rather how important is it that the meaning of the writer and the perception of the reader be one in the same.

First of all, none of us share the same life experiences. Because of that, our exposure to concepts and even reality is limited to our own personal sphere of influence. What we have seen, read, felt, smelled, experienced in any of a number of ways. Most of us are not going to look at any three words paired together and necessarily come to the same point.

I believe both Katey and I for example have posted the subliminals on our blogs. We likely don't often match the same words. Much in this same way, we may read the same poem and find vastly different meaning. After all, of all literary forms poetry is the most compact usage of language and therefore the most introspective.

Katey's AIM friend suggests that this will not happen if the poet is a decent poet. May I politely suggest that this is a pile horse crap! By this fellow's standards, a lot of poets just fell from grace. My assessment is that poetry is for the most part a collaborative between the writer and the reader. As a writer my own feeling is that as soon as I put something out there in the public view, be becomes subject to collaborative views of the readers.

What the hell is a"decent" poet anyway? One fully clothed?

Monday, January 19, 2004

Bolivia Postcard Poems

My first real contact with postcard poems came from an NPR broadcast which touched on the process of exchanging post cards with short poetic verse and how one such exchange produced the words of Wyn Cooper "Fun" that turned into Sheryl Crows 1993 Grammy-winning son, "All I Wanna So."

My next intro to postcard poems was via the collaborations between Cassie Lewis and Del Ray Cross that started I believe in 2001 and resulted in a chapbook. Another collaboration between Stephanie Young and Cassie Lewis was also published in a chapbook.

The whole concept of postcard poetry is very interesting to me and so I was anxious to see yet another example of this form of poetic exchange.

Bolivia Postcard Poems by Linda Pope and James A. Collins is a 34 page work that is the result of their longest separation to this point, a week that Linda spent on a Mission trip to Bolivia.

I was impressed with the raw honesty of feeling that seemed to leap from the print as I read through the chapbook. Even in anticipation of the departure Linda's gummy bears... Oklahoma air and the scent of jac's body fresh from the shower provide a very intimate image.

Linda shares the stage with physical feelings (sickness) as well as emotional. She puts it all out there including the manner in which the native people touch her life.

James prayerful in verse... I get the feeling that he finds some comfort and solitude in nature through Linda's absence. In some way, it feels like that perhaps rather than a substitute for her, it brings him closer to her.

One of my favorite verses... "and the rain came / to wash away the night / van winkle's bowlers / scored strikes til 4 a.m."

In Linda and James collaborative effort I see a personal dynamic that send a strong message about the comfort of poetic expression that gives a great deal of relevancy to this medium in today's society.

Many of you may know James through his blog: Love During Wartime which won the Stick Poet Blog Sweeps this fall.

Copies of Bolivia Postcard Poems are available E-mail James

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Fair and Balanced

blisterpacks protecting environmental issues
from unsightly blemishes

war and rumors of same
are fought with an antidote of strong black coffee
and prozac

while embedded reporters sleep with sheep
and other neurotic high ranking officials
in cozy quarters
free of the pressures of truth

This Past Weeks - Top Five Poetry Blogs from Stick Poet

No. 5 Craig Hill's Poetry Score Card (new this week)

No. 4 The Chatelaine's Poetics (last week No. 3)

No. 3 Blue kangaroo (last week No. 3)

No. 2 Poetry Hut Blog (two weeks in a row at No. 2)

No. 1 Chewing on Pencils (five weeks in a row at No.1)

Some great blogging this week!

Friday, January 16, 2004

Thanks to Jean!

I now know what normal is.

I also know it is Friday and time to call it a day.


I have to satisfy my readers with this weeks top five petry blogs - but that will come later this evening.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Wine & Poetry

"I'll drink to that!" - Stick Poet


Thought associations...

  1. Mitchell:: Martha
  2. Mercury:: dime
  3. Cycle:: moon
  4. Engagement:: wedding
  5. Alternative:: music
  6. Gang:: bang
  7. Emotional:: moody
  8. Skinny:: svelte
  9. Hypochondriac:: complain
  10. Insecure:: lacking

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Tuesday Morn - I'm here

The Blue Kangaroo has been quite inspiring of late. Jean's computer has not been very cooperative in this venture. I hope all is back to normal. By the way... anyone know what normal is?

A thought...
"When in public poetry should take off its clothes and wave to the nearest person in sight; it should be seen in the company of thieves and lovers rather than that of journalists and publishers." - Brian Patten

Friday, January 09, 2004

Credit Katey with this link - and the other two Quizilla's from yesterday

You are Poetry.
You are often the most emotional of the arts. You
are introverted, in that you tend to let people
come to you rather than trying to get their
attention. You get along well with Music and

What form of art are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

The Stick Poet Top Five Of The Week

Once again folks... It's that time. Week seemed to really roll by fast this time. My top five poetry blogs for the week are as follows:

No. 5 Mikarrhea (back after an absence for a while)

No. 4 Blue Kangaroo (another from a past list)

No. 3 The Chatelaine's Poetics (two weeks in a row at No. 3)

No. 2 Poetry Hut Blog (moving up from No. 5 last week)

No. 1 Chewing on Pencils (four weeks in a row at No. 1)

Great Week Of Blogs!!!

Thursday, January 08, 2004


You are Anne Sexton - a sensual, wild person with a taste for adultery.  You prey on lesser talents, luring them into your bed and your poetry.  You are the Venus Fly-Trap of confes
You are Anne Sexton - a sensual, wild person with a
taste for adultery. You prey on lesser
talents, luring them into your bed and into
your poetry. You are the Venus Fly-Trap of
confessional poets.

Which Dead Poet Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

My Alter Poet?

Your alter poet is Allen Ginsberg. Quick, go nuts,

Who is Your Alter Poet?
brought to you by Quizilla


this, another day enslaved
in gray
no black
no gray

make up your mind lad
what shall it be
if it matters

i can't even turn off the lights
and be alone in my darkness

it's not bright enough
but too bright to hide the dark
i can't even pretend

though it may pass
it surly will come again
with it's sharp blade of steel
touching my back
a prick of red
but only a drop to remind me
of mortality

and i shall shiver and protest the
harshness of this sentence
but upon deaf ears

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Tuesday - Meanderings

Ah, Michaela Cooper speaks! I have to hand it to her, the layout she has created for a web site is truly rich! I love it!

This reminder - Robert Bly This Thursday...
Jan 8 San Jose, CA
Poetry reading at San Jose State, Thursday 7 p.m.
Contact: Nils Peterson, 408-378-7536

Postcards From Mars

Good Words / Bad Words:

Katey lists favorite words and ugliest words

Sunday, January 04, 2004


  1. Vintage:: aged
  2. Longing:: desire
  3. Specimen:: sample
  4. Mock:: taunt
  5. Shit:: defecate
  6. Friday:: survived
  7. Cruel:: mean
  8. Insufficient:: lacking
  9. Pessimistic:: negative
  10. Grin:: smile

Ok, that finished, I must say that defecate will no doubt bring some interesting google searchers to this site.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

This Past weeks Top Five Blog Reads

Ok - These are the Star Studded Blogs of my reading this past week.

No. 5 - Poetry Hut Blog (debut)

No. 4 - Elsewhere (debut)

No. 3 The Chatelaine's Poetics (debut)

No. 2 The Well Nourished Moon (debut)

No. 1 Chewing On Pencils (repeating at No. 1 three weeks in a row)

Four made the list for the first time this week. These blogs are not totally new to me, but they did catch my attention this week.

Top Five Blogs

Stick Poet's top five blogs will appear here later today. Unfortunately I could not log on to blogger yesterday for some reason unknown to me. I suspect I irritated my dear muse and she was getting back at me.

I have to run... things to do thins morning. Check back later today. Useless there is otherwise some divine intervention, I'll post the lucky winners at that time.