Thursday, July 08, 2021

Our Brokenness


So many of us, dare I venture to guess,  most of us, are trying. to stand among the life around us, while in some state of brokeness.  It's always important to consider when approaching  even a stranger, that they have something going on in there life that has or is causing them some grief. That there is some major struggle that threatens their very ability to remain upright as they pass us. 

People are always facing something weather it is a personal crisis or something larger in scope. We can't always greatly change the life of everyone we meet, but we can strive to do no damage anyone. If we will remember that  a point of being polite and speaking no ill will to anyone, we may well be that single bright spot for the day for that  person who otherwise may be silently hurting.  

Kindness is my word for the month.  It is also my antidote for Brokenness.