Wednesday, September 03, 2003

We Write To Taste Life Twice...

I don't know who that line belongs to... perhaps it is Crystallyn's own words... [It is featured on her Poetry site] but I love it! It says so much.

Well, the Stick Poet sighted a work of Crystallyn's that is deserving of mention. Pandora's Box is a fun piece that embodies such emotion about language. I especially like the conceptualization of tiny snippets of sentences captured, boxed and the thought that if shaken too hard, whispers could escape. She doesn't say it, but you can just picture what juicy tid-bits we could learn from them.

"Hello, Of course I can pick you up at eight." I see these language bits worthy of punctual attention. Boxed and stored. Later buried in a field. In that buried box, all sorts of thoughts expressed. Loving, secretive, sensual, hateful, greedy, bashful, tinder, loud, shy, vengeful, spiteful, caring... and so on. Would any one of us accept her dare?
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