Friday, June 09, 2006

Big Yawn....

I read something the a couple days back in someone's blog that they had experienced problems with blogger. It certainly had issues yesterday. I had a fairly long comprehensive post that covered many topics and I completely lost it in the process of trying to post. Today, I've toyed with trying to recreate it and I've decided not. Though I may touch on some of the items over the next few days. ::heavy sigh::

I saw on TV the world was all abuzz with World Cup Soccer this morning. ::Big yawn::


I am inclined to echo Jilly's sentiments.... What the #$*% is this????

NPR - Summer Pages for the Mind, Heart and Tastebuds.... booklist including The Book of Lost Books: Stuart Kelly chronicles the vanished (and sometimes recovered) works from Jane Austen, Sylvia Plath and others.
Radcliffe Was a 'Crossroads' For Free-Verse Poet ~Rachel L. Pollack writing about poet Jean Valentine
The Wakoski Quote for today...

"High and low culture come together in all Post Modern art, and American poetry is not excluded from this." ~ Diane Wakoski
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