Monday, August 07, 2006

What's She Saving It For?

It is no secret, Eileen Tabios has a mind that has so often morphed fleeting thoughts into effulgent literary works of art. And yes, I have looked over her wine lists on occasion, pretending to be impressed with it too.... I say pretending, as what I know about wine can be contained on the first joint of my little finger. I know that I prefer dry - white wines, especially chardonnay - particularly Northern California varieties and riesling from Germany.

But I'm reading down one of her recent lists....

  • 2003 Robert Mondavi cabernet Napa Valley
  • 2002 Kistler chardonnay
  • 1998 Greenock Creek Apricot Block Shiraz
  • 1001 Domaine de Trevallon
  • 1992 Bonneau du Matray Corton Charlemagne......

WAIT!!!! A 1001 Domaine de Trevallon? Ok, I AM impressed that she has a bottle of anything that old! And so I am sitting here wondering what on earth she has been saving this for.... Celebrating the publication of "Brick #2?"

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