Wednesday, September 17, 2003


Expectations abound in life... yours, mine.

All kinds of expectations based on things ranging from taking the garbage out to never letting someone down. I toyed with this. The word seems such an absolute. There is really no wiggle room, which I suppose gives rise to the difficulty that can be posed by keeping one's promise.

This is how it played out....


I will.
I do.
I did.

Will I?
Do I?
Did I?

Intent – indent
Shifting a little
gives a lot.

Think life one victory
after another?
Don’t bet these odds.

I'll try,
I Promise.

* i am not happy with the formatting here - the third stanza should indent with line two and even more with line three. (get the picture) The final product won't cooperarate with me. (I was just certain it promised to)
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