Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Joan Houlihan Debate

I recently asked what others thought of Joan Houlihan's Post Post Dementia piece in the Boston Comment. I see today where Jim Behrle has taken time out of his busy schedule promoting his "Crush List" Thong to (sort of) come to Joan's defense. I like that he sees Joan in a positive light, giving her credit for her love of poetry and accepting that not everyone is going to understand what some poets are up to. While I have not previously stated so, I did find Joan's essay thought provoking. I find her to be a fascinating woman who's essay is not without merit. Though I will add that even mainstream poetry can be read by two different folks whose life experiences are different and arrive at totally different geography. It happens.

Hey, this isn't really any different than Jim and I. Jim apparently enjoys football and plays it up in his blog. Me, I think it largely sucks and lacks the poetry and beauty of baseball. But Jim's still as swell guy as best I can tell.

Right now, what I am wondering most, is what are the odds that Joan may end up on Jim's next crush list?
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