Friday, September 12, 2003


I toyed with blogging yesterday... but alas I didn't blog. Somehow being speechless seemed the most appropriate thing I could do.

Basically I stayed clear of the various media recounts of 9/11. So much was lost on that day two years ago... and we are continuing to experience loss linked to it after all the time between.

Today I thought I'd simply make a list of some of the losses.

1. Innocent lives on 9-11-01
2. Innocence
3. Love
4. Trust
5. Lives in the Afghanistan conflict (and continuing)
6. Individual personal civil liberties (continuing to erode)
7. Lives in the Iraqi war (continuing daily)
8. Diplomatic respect for American Policy in the international community
9. Jobs

This is simply a start.... Feel free to add others you can identify.
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