Wednesday, February 04, 2004

"Free The People"

"Free the people." he said
and took a walk along the shore.

Too many black clouds
and the hatchet men.

Oh you say we must provide affordable health care
by eliminating lawsuits that hurt good doctors...
but good medicine is the best remedy for eliminating lawsuits.

"Free the people." he said as he drove the truck into town.

Too much at stake
too many out of work.

You say we are at war with terrorism.
Why do you terrorize us?

"Free the people." He said to the teacher
as he left his daughter at the school playground.

You read to a class and tell us to leave no child behind.
Then pile a debt to leave behind for the children.

"Free the people" He said to his neighbor
standing in line at the polls.
The neighbor nodded.

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