Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Laudable Goal

The new poet laureate of Illinois has big ideas. Perhaps too big, but I can't fault him for that or for efforts to transform those ideas into a proactivism towards the lofty goal he has set.

Kevin Stein is the fourth poet laureate in the history of Illinois. Two of those predecessors, Carl Sandburg and Gwendolyn Brooks. Big shoes to follow in. Yet Stein talks of I want people to be able to look at something tangible," Stein says.

Stein would like to win over a whole slew of people who never read poetry before - or who read it and didn't like it. "That's the goal," according to Stein.

I'm not sure how one accomplishes this. It seem as tricky as leading a horse to water who has no desire to drink.

This has caused me to wonder, is there a phobia of poetry? I mean like by name. And is this an issue with many people.

I'm thinking that most who don't like poetry have simply not read anything that clicked with their interest. When confronted with it, they are predisposed to automatically reject an open mind. I suppose it is no different than my attitude towards broccoli.

At any rate... I wish Kevin Stein much success.

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