Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Source of Art

"All art is a previous distortion..." This from Michael Bogue at Almost Successful.

I understand where Bogue is going with this and I disagree. Sure, I'll give him that much that is produced as art, be it music, literature, painting, sculpture, etc. has some inspiration. Is it all? I don't know... I suppose, but more importantly I don't believe it makes any difference to his arguement of copyright protection.

Those who object for instance, to the cost of CD's today have every right to. I will admit I believe most are well overpriced. The issue however is not copyright laws but the free market and as long as people are willing to pay these prices, that is what the market will bring. Those who mistake copyright protections for the effects of free market economy be warned... weakening copyright laws as a way to to produce lower pricing will only harm the broader art community.

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