Thursday, June 24, 2004

Sloganator - Memorial

Quite a few of us had some fun with the sloganator during it's short life span on the Bush - Cheney Reelection web site. Maybe it was all that pent-up creativity, or maybe the release of all our frustrations with something that seems so perfectly wrong.

At any rate, here is dedication to that ill-conceived devise of the Bush campaign that no doubt got more hits by those who will likely not vote for him then those who might.

Turn up your volume and click here - a fitting tribute to a President that:

1. Can keep the best poker face while for the biggest lies.
2. Has a many reasons to go to war as they need to replace the last that no longer hold water.
3. Has decided the best substitute for "tax and spend Democrats" is to "spend and charge it to our children."
4. Gave seniors a RX card the Drug companies love!
5. Writes really bad poetry to his wife.

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