Thursday, September 30, 2004

Mixed verbiage

I peeked in on Love During Wartime, which I do from time to time... and wondered, what will James write about and title his blog when war is obsolete? Then I slapped myself in the face in the face and said... Yeah Right!

Pray for Alli's laptop! Poor girl had to use a MAC. I'm sure I must have a prayer here someplace for inanimate objects.

Debate Tonight.... I think they are in Florida. Is that a safe place to be these days?

A Federal Court had problems with a section of the US Patriot Act allowing authorities to demand financial records from companies in terrorism investigations is unconstitutional. The court concluded that the section bars any effective judicial challenge because the government does not need to show a compelling need for the information, and the act does not provide process for challenges to police action. Gee, Imagine that... the Patriot Act violating Constitutional protections.

Mount St. Helens is rumbling

and now, my news in brief....

They Debate tonight
And War will be a topic
Say a prayer
A prayer for peace
A prayer for the troops
That they soon come home
Speaking of home
Bush to Crawford
Real soon
Pray for Alli's puter
And Constitutional Rights
And speaking of Rights
Protect us
From the Religious Right
That are not Religious
Or Right
Through the intercession
Of St Helen
We Pray...

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