Sunday, October 16, 2005

Melancholy Weekend

Yesterday I did some writing & reading. Good ways into the novel I started. It is not disappointing me. Went to a poetry workshop at the Library yesterday. It was the second one they did this month. This one was more on poetry as a spoken word. From that vantage point it appealed to me less, but the presentation good none the less. It was poorly attended though.

It is mid-day and today pretty much sucks. Worked on a piece I started last night and got further along with it but now I am only so-so with it. I think it has possibility but we'll have to see what becomes of it.

I do see that we have hit the 17,000 unique visits stat and are starting the assent to the 20,000 mark. I should try and think of something fun for when we hit 20,000.
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