Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year! A wee bit belatedly

I read Christine Hamm's blog and was so impressed with the quantity of her post it shamed me into posting today. I am not suggesting the quality of her post is lacking, I always enjoy it...

So here I am. Having been off work for three days and I am finally posting!.

And a Happy New Year to everyone!

I ventured out into the public last night to read at the 2nd Annual Writers Place New Years Day Poetry Celebration. It was good to get out an read and among the six poems I read - three were new material.

I came home a brain stormed on subject matter last night and came up with some writing ideas that should keep me busy, off the streets and out of trouble for a week or two maybe more. Evidently the combination of the reading and the brain storm kicked me into gear because I went on to write last night and again this morning.

I was sad to learn last night that Joe Cecil, director of The Writers Place for the past two years is stepping down. The visibility of the organization has blossomed under his guidance.

Stepping into Joe's shoes is Will Leathem who is certainly not a new name in the local literary arena. I expect Will to bring a lot of energy to the organization as energy seems to follow him.

I heard the other day that the Northern California area was hit hard with rain and the Russian River was likely to flood. This of course caused me to think of Eileen and wonder if she was impacted by this. How could I have forgotten that she live high on a mountain? [whacking myself on the head] Even so, I picture her with reams of paper and cases of wine writing with the mania of Plath as the waters rise around the mountain... hee he.

Oh, thanks Jilly for letting us know that the Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel is out!
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