Saturday, February 25, 2006

No Soccer Socks Here

I must be easily amused. I noticed today that someone actually found their way to this blog by googling "orange/black bumblebee soccer socks". Now the reason this strikes me with such hilarity is that soccer is way down on my list of interests. Yes, I have played it as a youngster and I found it to be something akin to a disorganized fire drill. It seemed so totally pointless to spend so much time running on this big field with so little contact with the ball. Anyway, I trust the person looking for soccer socks was not too disillusioned.

My daughter is off today to Lawrence for a bicycle race. I am sorry to say I'll miss it. I am staying home as another daughter is recuperating from surgery this week. At any rate, I'm wishing good thoughts for Meghan. Of course yesterday's weather was much warmer and Sunday it is supposed to be back in the upper 60's again, so it only stands to reason she get stuck in between two nice days and have to ride in the cold and the wind.

My book Break, Blow, Burn, Camille Paglia Reads Forty-Three of the World's Best Poems has come in so I'll likely go pick it up after while.

Last night, in an effort to find that groove, I spent time writing some small bits of imagery stuff. I felt there were several really nice things that came out of this exercise and one or two of them I believe I can cull for use down the road.

I have enjoyed both the athleticism and artistry of several things in the Winter Olympics. The figure skating and ice dancing especially lend itself to both. I always enjoy the Nordic events. The downhill, slaloms, the ski jumping. On the other end if the spectrum, my wife and I have both found the curling events to be interesting. I have found that there is a local curling organizations that gives lessons. Hum....

Well, I need to check and see if my daughter needs anything so I suppose that is it for now.
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