Thursday, March 02, 2006

Desperate people do stupid things

If you ever wondered what often drives men to do stupid things, we have a perfect example before us right now. A president of the most powerful nation on earth is faced with the following:

  • Slumping popularity in the polls
  • Scandal and ineptness all around him (Libby, Brown, Chertoff, et al)
  • A preemptive attack on a nation over WMDs it did not have
  • Unconstitutional eavesdropping against American citizens
  • Troops committed to a war that over 2/3 now believe we should withdraw from
  • A nuclear arms crisis brewing in Iran and North Korea
  • 8 billion dollars a month committed to the war effort
  • Impending Civil war in Iran
  • The recent controversy over the Arab company Dubai Ports

With not idea what to tackle or where to start, the President has run off to India to offer them a sweet nuclear deal in the name of making the world safer. That is right, if India will separate it's nuclear energy program from it's weapons program, we'll give them more nuclear material. The idea is that somehow, separating these two programs and giving us the option to inspect the weapons facility from time to time makes the world a safer place.

Keep in mind these three things:

  1. India never signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty.
  2. They already have nuclear weapons.
  3. They presently are finding it difficult to access additional nuclear material.

So the President, in the name of some great benefit to the security of the world, is going to reward a nation that has refused to be a partner over all these years to the nonproliferation treaty, by giving them privileged treatment and awarding them more nuclear material. What kind of precedence will this establish? How will you say no to other nations, and how is this going to stabilize nuclear powers and make us all safer?

This is the kind of stupid thing that desperate people do. Now we can make a reality TV show called Desperate Presidents.


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