Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It's Wednesday, What do you want?

On this fine Wednesday morning, when the weather here in K.C. is beautiful, I'll take a stroll around the world at what is going on.

First, there is Frist. Senator Frist is busy trashing American civil liberties. Meanwhile, Bush has turned in the lowest rating of a two term President in the polls since Nixon prior to his resignation. Still, Bush isn't worried about the polls, he has "ample capital" according to an ABC interview. But capital or not, he now finds that his Iraq War effort is not even supported by the troops in the field.

Overnight, Bush made a surprise stop in Afghanistan on the way to India. While there, Afghan President Hamid Karzai asked the $64,000 question, "Where's Osama bin Laden?"

In India, the president is busy with a plan to make the world safer.... "Both of us have to convince our respective people in the interest of having a civilian nuclear program that's separate from a military nuclear program," Bush said. [scratching my head, WTF? They already have the bomb!] And thousands turn out to protest. But then [click here] and now I get it!

In Baghdad it gets diecy. But Bush denied Iraq was sliding into civil war, despite the worst sectarian strife since a U.S. invasion. It's the denial thing all over again ::sigh:: - but perhaps he realizes we are close to one at home? No, I doubt it.

Back in the states, Imani Perry, a Law Professor seeks the meaning of Rap. It it, or is it not poetry? And North Carolina's poet laureate believes it's the best way to learn verse.

And last, this just in!!! HUSAYBAH, Iraq - News travels slowly to American troops deployed in the desert plains of western Iraq. Days after the bombing of a Shiite shrine convulsed the country in religious violence, word hadn't reached U.S. Marines some 160 miles away. In fact, some are just now learning Bush was re-elected. Not!


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