Thursday, October 12, 2006

And The Winner Is....

The announcement for the winner of the Nobel Prize for literature is out and Turkey's Orhan Pamuk has won for works bridging the east-west divide .

Not surprisingly, President Bush has rejected the findings of the Johns Hopkins Study on Iraqi deaths since the invasion. But the best arguments on the subject I have seen was made here and here. The study provides a significant point at which to judge the impact this decision has had and continues to have on the people of Iraq. Like some many other things, the president is simply in a state of denial.

A Canadian-born, Pulitzer Prize­winning poet survives the tests of time- Mark Strand. Read this article about his new book, Man and Camel.

Always amused by what brings people to this site. Two recent search engine keyword strings used...
  • how would I make a Super Hero out of phosphorous
  • killing a frog dream

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