Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Overdue for an appearance here

A few poets I have read over the past week....

  1. Susan Hutton in October Poetry Magazine
  2. Laura Kasischke in October Poetry Magazine*
  3. John Ashberry in The New Yorker - Oct. 9th
  4. Jorie Graham in Swarm
  5. Frank Higgins in Rockhurst Review of Five Arts - Spring 2006 19th Edition.

* I was really excited to see Kasischke in Poetry Magazine. Reading her book, Gardening In the Dark, I was so impressed with her talent for imagery. I did feel her piece in PM was a bit more abstract and I liked that very much.

A few bits from this weeks Journal

  • In the villa of fantasy / The dancers wait, /And the passage of time / Slips through the waist / Of a rose colored hourglass / While the mind elicits / Thoughts to choreograph / In Burberry expressions / Of lust and indulgence //
  • We could sit in the faint light forever, though we would be pained by spinal failure and in the end become two puddles of red emollient
  • Why the diversion? Why the sudden interest in the hue of other lives.

Managed to recycle a submission to another venue this weekend and I have worked on some draft revisions.

On another note, Rogue Poetry Review should be ready by the weekend. I am excited!

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