Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Year in Words

I was thinking for words or phrases that seemed to define the year we are ending. I thought I'd compile a list of say 25 with the idea in mind of say in a week or two coming back to the list and using it as the basis of creating a poem to represent the positive and negative energies that made up 2006. However, I thought that I truly want the selections to represent universality So I though for the next week, in addition to my own list, I wold tally up those anyone else cared to suggest and then settle on the 25 most mentioned. So, this is audience participation time. Between now and the 7th of January, give me your list in the comments. Please, no proper names. Just words and short two or three word phrases. Here is mine for starters:

  1. global economy
  2. global warming
  3. emigrant
  4. illegal alien
  5. withdrawal
  6. stem cell research
  7. stay-the-course
  8. body count
  9. health care costs
  10. stock market
  11. bilateral talks
  12. nuclear tests
  13. nuclear proliferation
  14. liquid on the moon
  15. red states / blue states
  16. jihad
  17. religious extremists
  18. neocon
  19. spreading democracy
  20. truthiness
  21. need a plan
  22. terrorists
  23. crude oil
  24. redeploy
  25. civil union

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