Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Don't Miss Tomorrow's Interview

Christine Hamm has been at it again! She's got another one.... Children Having Trouble with Meat. No, I haven't read this one yet, but when have I seen something of Christine's that I didn't Like?

Just about completed another Journal last night. Flipping through the pages here is a taste of journal niblits:

  • doubt became his face / unable to hide / in the shadow /of five o'clock (March 18)
  • when the night broke down / and the band packed / disappearing into the tangle / spilled on the streets (March 23)
  • Deliberation that grew moss up the north side (April 1)
  • She wore the naked moonlight / across breasts of a woman / unmasked of self-conscious (approx April 11)
  • {note to self} authors hear voices - sure we do ::grin:: ( April 28th)
  • yesterday my body ached /of rubber band mussels / wound tightly in corset knotted tissue (May 11)
  • A poet's voice- that of a woman / of color- A slice of life on a wing ( May 19th)

This of course means that I will get to take out my new crisp journal and start scribbling.

I have a great treat for readers tomorrow. An interview with Aleah Sato!

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