Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Arizona Sunset

Arrived late last night in Phoenix on a mission to safely deliver youngest daughter to Arizona for her next phase of education at ASU. The picture here is taken from the car window in Flagstaff.
Slept so-so last night. Awoke this morning and checked into the office to deal with a couple of matters.
Having a diet coke and trying to orientate myself to the day. Staying with my oldest daughter who I haven't seen in gee, I guess about three years.
Evidently I upset Storm's (the cat) apple cart. Sitting in his place on the couch. Taking over the bedroom where he's been hanging out lately. He had already made it know that I was an encroachment. But when bedroom was readied for me he was totally pissed of. You would not have believed the mean-mugging stare!
Of course I had to stop in Winslow, Arizona of Eagles fame in the song Take It Easy . First time I ever came out here we made a road stop there at a little shit & get place and as we were getting in the car I kept saying Winslow, Arizona over and over to myself and as we were driving away it hit me why it was familiar. Duh!
I'd like to say that the scenery was so inspiring that I stayed up last night writing great material. In the alternative, I'd like to say I slept well. Unfortunately neather would be accurate.
I think it's time to do breakfast...
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