Monday, August 06, 2007

A Monday Medley

This is the start of a grueling week of getting things in order to be out of the office for a week. So much to do, so few nerves left to stretch.

A few bits from my journal this last week:

  • a pretentious line from a love song / neither recalls the tune
  • tracing a smile with his finger / her red lips kiss his index
  • the days are ruled / by tweezer fingers /picking here, picking there
  • crystal frost clinging to the bony flesh /of the best face one could put forward / under blistery circumstances
  • a mind is a terrible thing to use when it's fucked up
  • no one's here but scamper feet / who've come to witness my headache- / a mind with anxious classical thoughts / the Greek gods eavesdrop through paper walls


for Bud

You there when history was made
I saw you in high def
You didn’t want to be there
Your face said as much
Your looked so uncomfortable in your skin

Later you talked on your cell
I wonder who it was
There was no excitement in your face
I was excited for him
You should have stayed home

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