Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Obsessions Good and Bad

The other day when I stumbled upon Picasso's obsession quote that I posted, I found his positive take on obsessions remarkable in that I generally hear the term used in a disapproving light. So I am setting here with my hands like a balance thinking of the counter weight of the good obsessions and the bad ones. Flashing lights and sirens go off in my head. The can be indication of scary things about to happen or it may be that it is really a good idea ( the line on this can get fuzzy).

Since one of the thing I like to do in my poems is to create a strong dissonance, I thought what an opportunity. So I am thinking of a series of poems on different obsessions. So I will be brainstorming on obsessions for a few days. Maybe it can become a compulsion; or not.

And I could not pass up this bit of news to share.... 237 Reasons to have sex. Psychologists at the University of Texas at Austin say they have catalogued a total of 237 reasons people dance between the sheets.*

* not all of the reasons in this article are condoned by Stickpoet Superhero. Some may have a pathology that is unhealthy; additionally this may not be a totally inclusive list. Their may actually be many more reasons to have sex than have been disclosed here and Stickpoet Superhero assumes no liability for any omissions or errors.
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