Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome to the new year...

A little poetry news from around the world...

  • More than 70 years after García Lorca’s death by a fascist firing squad at the start of the Spanish Civil War, the shadowy elf apparently inhabits García Lorca’s country me. Click
  • Thousands of dissidents silenced under Argentina's military dictatorship - tortured, executed and made to "disappear" in the so-called Dirty War against dissent - are gaining new voice through poetry. Click
  • For Ferlinghetti, poetry's "use" extends far beyond the personal into the political. "Poetry can save the world by transforming consciousness," he argues in "Poetry as Insurgent Art," a slim hardback pocketbook manifesto of prose epigrams, seemingly addressed to poets and those who might be. Click
  • Ashbery's poetry makes you wonder what the wish to understand may protect you from; what the pleasures are of not understanding. Click
  • Letters to the World, a poetry collection by the world's female poets, including an Iranian, is to be released early in the New Year. Click

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