Thursday, May 22, 2008

Colors of spring & summer

One of the many things I like about spring/summer is the greening that occurs in Missouri. I'm not much of a heat person, so the spring weather is more to my liking, but the landscape coming alive with shades of green and the various other plant blooms that brings reds and yellows and blues, these sharpen my view of the surroundings. I also appreciate the longer daylight hours. I'm reminded how as a young boy I loved that stretch of evening that was browning down but not yet so dark I was required to come in.

I think these kind of nights fill me with an appreciation for colors and textures and words that allow images full of a range of shades to creep into my mind and work up something to put on a page.

A few bits from my journal of recent:

  • Was it Bukowski that said/upright is so overrated?/If he didn't he should have.
  • The weave pressing patterns/into my skin that rests/upon the rug of reverence/as I meditate on the life/of annoyances-
  • Stories travel linear/ and mark their time with words/filled with suggestion
  • counted votes spill upon the walk/in naked rawness so blistered/ by the divisions of public sentiment.
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