Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two Words and a Laugh

Last night, my youngest daughter who has been home for the summer, dug out her ball glove and talked me into playing catch. It didn't take a lot of talking- I've wanted to play catch for a while now. Couple of years back I had a rotator-cuff injury and couldn't pitch a wad of gum underhanded.

For maybe 20 to 25 minuted we went back and forth. My arm felt good but was substantially lacking in power and distance.

Meg seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was then all at once when reaching low to make a catch, she pulled something in her back. We were finished for the evening.

This morning while my wife and I were driving into the city for work, Meg sent my wife a text message and said she could not understand why she ended up with and bad back and Mr. Brittle was unscathed. She cracks me up!

All right... time for some new words to drag out into the public view. Just two this time, but they are great words.

  • microphagous - adj. feeding upon small objects
  • philodox - n. dogmatic person; a person fond of opinions, especially their own.

OMG,,,, the second one sounds like me.

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