Friday, August 01, 2008

You May Be A Closet Poet If...

Be careful those of you besmirching poets... some of you may be closet poets yourself.

You could be a closet poet:

  • If you use a circle to dot your i
  • If when sitting erect your head lobs slightly to it's right
  • If you suddenly stop your sentences before the end of a line and continue on the line below
  • If you personify your ball glove or other objects you hold near and dear to you
  • If things that befuddle others makes perfect sense to you
  • If the absence of punctuation can be found at times in what you write
  • If you write words or sentences in disjointed cursive letters
  • If you've ever found yourself sitting in a dark closet alone and enjoyed it
  • If you secretly wish to be called by the name Wadsworth, Emily, ee, Sylvia or Pablo

Michael A. Wells © 2008

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