Saturday, October 11, 2008

October Surprise

Photo_100508_001Saw white pumpkins for the first time recently. I guess you never get too old to be surprised.

Surprises can be a good thing. But we often see them in a

negative light. Unpleasant surprises. In politics there is the often dreaded "October Surprise".  You probably never want to see a mobile news team pull up unannounced at your business. The present economic turmoil, while somewhat predictable puts us in uncharted waters that continues of offer unpleasant surprises.  

I think poetry often embraces surprise. Certainly learning to find the surprise in even the simplest of daily life has been a paramount importance to me as a poet.  I think all art is about a perspective of view. Perhaps poetry more than any art form requires us to present unique perspective. It seems to me people that are most appreciative of poetry are the ones who are able fined the surprise elements in verse, who can read something and have that "Ah ha!" experience, seeing something in a different light.

I hope your day is filled with surprises... and I hope they are all good ones!

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