Monday, March 09, 2009

Sunday Evening - catching up on the week

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It's been a quiet evening and we stayed in, ate fried ravioli and played baseball on Playstation. Three games. I took the first two and Meghan beat me the last one. She played a really good first game and I came back in the bottom of the ninth to beat her by a run. The second came was a blowout and the third she won by a single run. I'm a tough competitor so while I won two of the three, she is getting better because two of those games were really competitive.

Things I have marveled at during this visit:

  • Cathy Ann's grapefruit tree in her backyard. The fruit is awesomely sweet.
  • Percy's size. (Percy is Meghan's dog) He's really grown since I last saw him.
  • A life size Zen Garden on ASU campus. I didn't know there were anything but miniatures.
  • How young many of the Giants players at Spring Training look this season.
  • How nice the dog parks are here.
  • How much I continue to hate daylight savings time in spite of the fact they don't have it here. In reality I lose that hour when I get back home just the same.
  • People still drive like bats out of hell here.

We'll take in another Giants game tomorrow at Scottsdale. Sadly it will be the last time I see the team in person for a while.

Also planning to go to the Melting Pot after the game for dinner.

I've been able to get some writing in this week, and this morning did some sketching.

Some Journal bits from this week:

March 1

  • What color ink do I spill upon/the pages that tell nothing/that scream the silence/to no end
  • It's impossible to fold idle chat./I've tried to four square it and shove it/in my shirt pocket.

March 2

  • sleep, the manna of horizontal incline/the presence of an absence of mind

March 5

  • Quote "Every poetic image asks why there is something rather than nothing, as it renews our astonishment that things exist," - Charles Simic
  • (thought) every war has veterans what about veterans of peace? We never give attention to those who dedicate themselves to the idea of peace becoming a reality. Note to self - this could be a future poem topic.
  • a Kleenex box on the end table/extends it's hand

March 8

  • Quote "It's the job of poetry to clean up our word-clogged reality by creating silence around things." ~Mallarme

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