Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Reality of Contrasts -Rejects and Published

Upon arriving home today I found rejection in my mail box. No biggie, it's like this is the third rejection in two weeks. Besides, I long ago got over rejection letters. The only real negative is this means I have very little remaining out there for consideration. So, (this is where the big sigh goes) I need to get busy over the next week and get work sent out again. The sort of administrative end of a poet's job is not my favorite part. But once they go out in search of new homes I always feel better afterwards. It's kind of like the tread mill. You are glad you did it when you are finished, but that 45 minutes you were on it really sucks.

Issue 26 of Right Hand Pointing is out. This is an  online journal that I'm generally very impressed with. Eons ago they published two of my poems, but I'm not biased.  Seriously. a few of the poems in the current issue I really like are:

Check out the whole issue when you get some time...

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