Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What I’ve Learned

This past weekend I finished a six week project mentoring under another poet. It’s been a great way to stretch myself beyond that point of complacency that sometimes creeps into our routines. The were a number of things that I learned or relearned in come cases.  Just off the top of my head, a few of them that readily come to mind:

  • I have a lot yet to learn.

  • Political poetry is best pulled off with subtle political tone and greater narrative.

  • I can look to other poetry for ideas and examples as to how others have used poetic devise.

  • Cut, cut and cut again if you can.

  • Look for fresh & unique ways to show with my writing.

  • It's all right to write about simple things.

  • Beginnings and endings should both be strong.

  • The middle of the poem still has a job to do... remain interesting enough to hold the beginning and the end together.

  • Manuscripts are pieces of art in themselves.  Not just a collection of 30 to 50 poems...  they need a connective thread to establish some relevance, one to another.

  • Write daily.

  • Write daily even if what you are writing sucks.  It won't improve by not writing. 

  • Read lots of poetry.  Learn from other's mistakes and successes.

  • Improve my work ethic, but don't take myself so seriously that I don't enjoy what I'm doing.  Even if it gets frustrating at times.

  • Even dead poets speak wisdom. 

  • Look for the musicality in your verse. Work to improve this. 

During this period of time I’ve had exposure to a lot of poems from six different poets. A wide spectrum of topics. Many ways of approaching the art.  Fresh ideas.

I feel like I’ve had my battery recharged!

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