Monday, October 12, 2009

Journal Bits

I haven’t done any journal bits for a while so here we go…  Just a glimpse of some of my journal writings. Some of these are from free writes, some from drafts, some simple observations an occasional quote that strikes my fancy.
  • 10-12 Forty is still this side / of the curvature of the earth / I see it but I can’t touch it.
  • 10-11 The ash tray is dormant. / It occupies space / on the end table / to grandma’s old lamp. / Its empty nest stopped begging / for attention it never gets / about seven years ago.
  • 10-09 I saw the winter / slip and slide / nearly out from under you / and the plans you alone held to. / My hands were afraid. / They wanted only to hold / your hands tight / as physically possible
  • 10-07 The price for this hunger / a layover of hollow thoughts
  • 10-07 If there is a purpose for writing poetry, to me personally it is part personal discovery and part a feeling of some immortality.
  • 10-04 When baseball ends  / for the year  and the night /  creeps into the morning hour / the dark will eat you.
  • 10-02 “I am not alone / and never will be /  your absence is my company.”  Claribel Alegria – translated by Carolyn Forche’
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