Monday, November 30, 2009

Bit by the Gratitude Bug


Yes, I know thanksgiving is over, but it was in the quiet of my office today during my lunch hour that the gratitude bug hit me.

As far as stress goes, this year has been on overload at times. Still, I cannot deny there are many things I have to be grateful for.  A few of them that came to my mind today are the following.

I’m grateful for:

  • My family. I’m blessed to have a wonderful wife and four grown children who are each in their own right precious to me.
  • Jobs. In theses times even work is a blessing. I need to continue to keep this in focus. Especially when I’m feeling worn down on some of the crisis filled days.
  • Our home- a place that provides comfort from the elements, a base for us to return to each evening.
  • Our pets… yes, they drive me crazy at times, but they are God’s creatures too and they are unconditional in their love.
  • My ability to write. I get such good support from my family, even if they feel challenged at time in what I write.
  • I was grateful for being able to spend 6 weeks this fall being mentored by another poet.
  • The opportunity for both Cathy and I being able to visit our two daughters in Phoenix this year.  
  • Turkey wings
  • Diet Coke – which I’ve been missing.
  • White wine.
  • A car that runs right again.
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